Ladbrokes Games Review

Honest review of the Ladbrokes Games website.
# Games: 140+
Min Deposit: £5
Bonus: £10 Free
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Top 3 Ladbrokes Games
Game Rating Type Category Max Win
Deal or No Deal91%LuckTV£10,000
Spin Win85%LuckNumbers£30,000+

Review and rating.

Ladbrokes is a very respectable site indeed, but the Ladbrokes Games section isn’t the most appetising. The games are displayed awkwardly in two long lists, which makes it difficult to pick out and find the better games on offer. There are also a lot of slots games in the mix, which simply clutter the games section.

On a positive note I can’t fault the support and banking at Ladbrokes, which is only to be expected from such a solid company. An excellent feature at Ladbrokes is the ability to make instant deposit and withdrawals through local Ladbrokes shops on the high street, which is not something that you can do at many gambling games sites.

However, if my Primary school teacher were to review the overall games section at Ladbrokes I’m sure she would give it a resounding "could do better".

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Review of the games library.

In fairness, Ladbrokes does play host to a lot of great games. The problem is that I hate the way that so many slots games have been lumped in to the games section, which effectively dilutes the quality of the "games" on offer. Therefore, "140+ games" is a bit of a skewed number for this site.

In spite of this, if you did scrape away all of the slot games from this section you would be left with some great games that can be found at many of the top online real money games sites. It’s just a shame that you have to wade through the slots to get to them.

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Ladbrokes Games website.

The Ladbrokes Games website does it’s job and works well, but it’s certainly not the prettiest site around. It’s hard to put my finger on why the design isn’t up to scratch, but I think the best word to describe it would be "dated".

The games category links in the sidebar do a good job of sorting all the games. However, this is essential as all of the Ladbrokes games are listed in a two-column table, which makes it difficult to scan and find the game you are looking for.

In spite of this, Ladbrokes is one of few games websites that actually have instructions on how to play the games. So I feel that Ladbrokes deserve some praise for putting in the effort to add information about their games rather than just listing them.


Ladbrokes are quick and reliable when it comes to banking. One of their biggest selling points though is the ability to instantly deposit and withdraw money through Ladbrokes shops.

Ladbrokes Shop


  • Ladbrokes shops.
  • Debit and credit card.
  • Cheque
  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer
  • Moneybookers and Neteller

All of the major deposit options are covered, with the one handy addition of being able to make a deposit from you local Ladbrokes shop. Just pop in, hand them the money and they will instantly add it to your account.


  • Ladbrokes shops.
  • Debit and credit card.
  • Cheque
  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer
  • Moneybookers and Neteller

Withdrawals options the same as deposits at Ladbrokes. It’s good to see that you can also withdraw from your local Ladbrokes shop in the high street as well as deposit.

Withdrawals are instant from Ladbrokes shops, which quite frankly is awesome. This means that if it’s Friday and you want to withdraw an extra Tenner for a night out you can. There will be no 3 to 5 working day waits for your money.

Support and customer service.

Great support at Ladbrokes, can’t fault them at all. It’s nice to deal with a respectable company like Ladbrokes as you know that they wouldn’t be where they are today if they didn’t excel at customer support.

You can get in touch with Ladbrokes via email or phone. Unfortunately Ladbrokes currently do not offer a live chat service, but with fast response times on the phones and via email it’s not missed too much.

Free bonus - £10.

Ladbrokes offer a free £10 bonus to all new Ladbrokes Games players that submit their username and email address after creating their account and making a deposit of £10 or more.

The £10 bonus will be added to your account for you to play with within 72 hours after you have turned over £10 or more of your initial deposit.

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All Ladbrokes Games
Logo Game Rating Type Cat Max Win Available At Play Now!
Deal or No Deal 91% Luck TV £10,000  
Bullseye 86% Skill TV £35+  
Spin Win 85% Luck Numbers £30,000+  
Baltimore Drop 84% Luck Numbers £2,500+  
Pachinko 82% Luck Other £50,000+  
Golden Sevens 82% Luck HiLo £100,000+  
Virtual Dogs 81% Luck Sports £200,000+  
Arcade Hi Lo 81% Luck HiLo £14,500  
Millionaire 79% Skill TV £40+  
Virtual Horses 78% Luck Sports £200,000+  
Football Quiz 76% Skill Quiz £50+  
Rubik's Riches 74% Luck Other £250,000  
Poker Bet 73% Luck Casino £5,000+  
Crack The Safe 71% Luck HiLo £5,000  
Battle Cash Bonanza 70% Luck Keno £100,187  
Pinball Deluxe 70% Luck Casino £1,000+  
Generator 67% Luck HiLo £250,000  
Hangman 66% Skill Quiz £10+  
Snap Jax 64% Luck Casino £2,500,000  
Shut The Box 60% Luck Dice £1,000  
Pyramid 56% Luck Numbers £250,000  
Digit 53% Luck Numbers £50,000+  
Let It Spin 52% Luck Numbers £15,000+  
Multiplier 50% Luck Numbers £100,000  
Miami Dice 45% Luck Dice £100,000  
La Boule 43% Luck Casino £1,000+  
Poker Dice 42% Luck Dice £15,000  
Aces High 40% Luck HiLo £50,000+  
Aztecs 'n' Adders 35% Luck Dice £5,000+  
Tower Power 31% Luck Dice £150,000+  
Fruity Supernova 30% Luck Other £100,000+  
Monopoly On A Roll 28% Luck Numbers £20,000  
Roll 'Em 12% Luck Dice £35,000  
Chain Reactors 8% Luck Other £1,000,000+  
Bee Happy 5% Luck Other £100,000