Paddy Power Games Review

Honest review of the Paddy Power Games website.
# Games: 160+
Min Deposit: €10
Bonus: €0 Free
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Top 3 Paddy Power Games
Game Rating Type Category Max Win
Deal or No Deal91%LuckTV£10,000
Baltimore Drop84%LuckNumbers£2,500+
Roll Up83%LuckHiLo£100,000+

Paddy Power Games summary.

PaddyPower Games is an impressive all-round games site. When you combine lots of top quality games with an intuitive interface for searching through them, you know you’re on to a winner.

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Review of the games section.

Paddy Power has one of the bigger arsenals of games (160+), spread across all the most popular categories. Whereas some sites just have one or two football games, PaddyPower has a whole section dedicated to them.

As with most sites that offer a larger selection of games, the quality is going to vary. As long as you’re selective with your choices and aim to play the more popular games (the games at Paddy Power are ranked by popularity, which is handy), you shouldn’t waste too much time with the more basic or boring ones.

For some reason they have decided to lump a bunch of casino games in this section. Lord know why, but because I like their service so much I’m going to forgive them. If you’re into casino stuff on the side you’re going to like that anyway.

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Paddy Power Games website review.

Although I’ve seen better designs, PaddyPower wins when it comes to searching and sorting through the wide array of games on offer. PaddyPower Games has:

  • A games search function.
  • A drop down list of all the games.
  • A ranking of the top 10 games of the day by play count.
  • The ability to sort games categories alphabetically and by popularity.
Games Sorting Options At Paddy Power

Basically, PaddyPower is the best in terms of making it easy to sort and find the games you are looking for.

In all honesty, all of the options do not make a huge difference, but it’s nice that they’ve put the effort in to improving the overall user experience in between actually playing the games. So good job Paddy Power.


Paddy Power makes it as easy as possible to get money in and out of your account. The withdrawal times are also some of the fastest in the industry. In a nutshell, PaddyPower is great with banking.

Deposit options.

  • Debit and credit card.
  • Cheque
  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer
  • Moneybookers and Neteller

All the deposit options are there for you to choose from at Paddy Power Games, which is only to be expected from such a high-quality games site.

Withdrawal options.

  • Debit and credit card.
  • Cheque
  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer
  • Moneybookers and Neteller

Same again for withdrawals. Unfortunately Paddy Power do not currently offer the option of withdrawing (or depositing) via one of their shops in the street like Betfred Games and Ladbrokes Games do.

No big deal though, they have every other possible banking option covered. Hopefully they will decide to introduce it in the future. We’ll see.


Paddy Power Support TimeThe support at Paddy Power is so good that they happily display their response times for each contact method on their website. I haven’t seen that been done anywhere else.

If you check out the "contact us" page at PaddyPower, you will see the rotating image highlighting the recent average response times for phone, email and livechat support.

But don’t just take their word for it, I’m going to vouch for them as well. PaddyPower has one of (if not the) best support departments that I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Incredibly fast, effective and genuinely friendly - I’ve never had even the slightest concerns about my welfare with them.

Paddy Power Games bonus.

PaddyPower do not currently offer a bonus specifically for new depositors in the games section, which is a shame. (I know, I was surpsirsed to find that out as well).

I’ll update this page when/if I hear of any changes.

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All Paddy Power Games
Logo Game Rating Type Cat Max Win Available At Play Now!
Deal or No Deal 91% Luck TV £10,000  
Baltimore Drop 84% Luck Numbers £2,500+  
Roll Up 83% Luck HiLo £100,000+  
Cubis 82% Luck Other £1,000,000+  
Pachinko 82% Luck Other £50,000+  
Virtual Dogs 81% Luck Sports £200,000+  
Virtual Horses 78% Luck Sports £200,000+  
Golden Balls 76% Luck TV £1,200  
Dice Wars 75% Luck Dice £1,000+  
Rubik's Riches 74% Luck Other £250,000  
Poker Bet 73% Luck Casino £5,000+  
Battle Cash Bonanza 70% Luck Keno £100,187  
3 Card Brag 68% Luck Casino £20,000+  
Generator 67% Luck HiLo £250,000  
Snap Jax 64% Luck Casino £2,500,000  
Slotblox 57% Luck Other £20,000  
Pyramid 56% Luck Numbers £250,000  
Digit 53% Luck Numbers £50,000+  
Let It Spin 52% Luck Numbers £15,000+  
Bejeweled 46% Luck Other £1,000,000+  
Miami Dice 45% Luck Dice £100,000  
Black and White 41% Luck Numbers £7,300  
Aces High 40% Luck HiLo £50,000+  
Power Ball 38% Luck Other £100,000+  
Jenga 34% Luck Other £5,000+  
Tower Power 31% Luck Dice £150,000+  
Aladdin's Treasure 26% Luck HiLo £10,000  
Trail Blazer 24% Luck HiLo £10,000+  
Golden Clover 24% Luck Numbers £40,000+  
Roll 'Em 12% Luck Dice £35,000  
Chain Reactors 8% Luck Other £1,000,000+