Top Games Sites
Rank Logo Site Name Rating # Of Games Play Now!
1. Paddy Power Logo Paddy Power 92% 160+  
2. Betfair Logo Betfair 84% 120+  
3. Betfred Logo Betfred 72% 90+  
4. Ladbrokes Logo Ladbrokes 68% 140+  
5. Bodog Logo Bodog 35% 10+  

Real money games sites.

There are loads o’ sites that offer games for real money. These are typically sports betting and casino sites that have decided to provide you with the option to have more fun with your money on the Internet.

The table above lists all of the top real money games sites, ordered by their overall rating. Check the table of real money games for, um, a table of all the games.

What makes a good site for real money games?

Most sites share a lot of the same games, so on the surface it may seem hard to distinguish the good games sites from the shocking ones. However, there are a few factors that are worth considering:

  • The number of games. More games = more variety, and I like my variety. Even if a large number of those extra games are rubbish it’s nice to have the option to play them (even if it’s just to see how bad they are).
  • The overall quality of the games. This isn’t really a massive factor considering that most sites share the same games, but if some of the better ones are left out from the site’s repertoire then it’s not very good.
  • A good website. The games need to be easy to sort and the site needs to be a piece of cake to navigate. Doesn’t seem like a big ask, but some sites don’t do a great job of it.
  • Banking. The easier and faster it is to get your money in and out of your account the better.
  • Awesome support. If I have a question or a problem I want a fast and friendly response from support, even if I have been a little "short" with them in the first place.

Seeing as there’s more than one games site with real money games, it gives us the opportunity to be critical and demanding (or "fussy" in other words).

Why settle for a "decent" real money games site when another one is doing a much better job in every department?

Which games site is the best?

Paddy Power Games

Paddy Power Games, easily.

If you compare all of the games sites based on the factors above, Paddy Power thrashes them all and flaunts it’s awesomeness on top of the other sites’ inferior offerings.

Okay, the other sites aren’t all that bad, but Paddy Power is just the best at the end of the day.

Check out the games and stuff at Paddy Power now

Are there any other gambling games sites?

Yeah there are a few others, but they’re not even worth mentioning. If a gambling games site is not listed on it’s down to one of two reasons:

  1. It’s really not that great. Some sites just have a games section for the sake of having one. Put some effort in at least.
  2. It’s dodgy. Just as it is in real life, some companies are less than trustworthy to say the least. I don’t mind gambling in games, but I don’t like gambling with the safety of my money thank you very much.

There may be one or two sites that I’ve missed out by accident, so if you have any recommendations for games sites that I should check out and review then let me know.