Shut The Box

Also known as: Shut The Box Online
Game Type: Luck
Category: Dice
Stakes: £0.20 - £100
Max Win: £1,000
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Shut The Box summary.

In one word: Interesting

Shut The Box is a dice based luck game, although there is an element of strategy involved. It’s apparently a popular pub game, but I can conclusively say that I’ve never seen this game played in a pub (or anywhere else for that matter) before in my life. Maybe I don’t get out enough, I don’t know.

It’s hard to explain how this game works in one paragraph, but it revolves around rolling two die ("die" as in the plural of "dice") and selecting tiles to equal that number. You have nine numbered tiles from 1 to 9 and they can only be used once. The objective is to get as far down from the starting number of 45 as possible.

I’m assuming that makes no sense to you whatsoever, so if you want to find out more about how the Shut The Box online game works you should give it a try or keep on reading.

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Shut The Box fun rating - 60%.

Shut The Box is more interesting than fun because it’s such a unique game. The idea behind the game is pretty cool and the first few plays are quite addictive as you try out a few different strategies. It’s a decent real money game, but it’s more "quite enjoyable" than outright "fun".

Seeing as Shut The Box is classed as a "pub game", I can see why other pub favourites like pool, darts, quiz machines and punching each other in the face have overtaken it in terms of popularity.

Note: It’s worth mentioning that the graphics of "Shut The Box" are absolutely majestic. Just thought I’d throw that one out there.

It’s definitely worth a play to see what it’s all about, but you’re probably not going to be tempted to play it again after your first (and likely only) session.

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How to play Shut The Box.

The basic rules.

  1. Roll the die.
  2. Select tiles from 1 to 9 that will correspond to that number.
  3. Try and get as far as you can before your tiles run out.

Please don’t rely on me too much to try and explain how Shut The Box works. This is definitely one of those situations where it’s better to throw the manual out of the window and go figure it out by yourself through trial and error.

Shut the box in more detail.

Right then. Wikipedia actually have the rules to the Shut The Box game, but they do a God-awful job of explaining it all, so hopefully my attempt is a little better.

Here’s how the game starts:

  • You have 9 tiles, number 1 to 9.
  • You have two die.
  • You start at number 45, and your aim is to make it to 0.

Playing the actual game.

  1. Click to roll the die.
  2. Depending on what number is rolled (e.g. a 4 and a 3, equalling 7), you have to select one or two of your tiles to equal that number (7 in this case).
  3. Select the tiles to equal that number. To get 7, we can either select the 7 tile on its own, or 3 + 4 or 2 + 5.
  4. After you have selected your tiles they will be removed from the game.
  5. As the game progresses, you will have less and less tiles to work with, which makes it harder to form the number that has been rolled using your remaining tiles.
  6. As soon as you roll a number that cannot be formed from your tiles, the game is over.
Shot The Box Tiles

The further you move down from the starting number of 45, the more money you will win. The ultimate goal is to get down to 0 on your final roll, which will provide you with a win equal 5 times your initial stake.

Winning finishes.

Shut The Box Winning Finishes
  • 45 - 26 = No win.
  • 25 - 19 = 0.1x stake.
  • 18 - 13 = 0.4x stake.
  • 12 - 9 = 0.75x stake.
  • 8 - 5 = 1x stake.
  • 4 - 1 = 2x stake.
  • 0 = 5x stake.

As you can see, you really need to get to a pretty low number (progress far in the game) to get your money back or make a profit.

Finishing on a double.

If you can manage to finish the game on a double (reach 0 out of sheer luck on a double), you will win 10 times your original stake instead of the measly 5 times for finishing on 0 normally.

I don’t believe that there’s in skill in this aside from crossing both of your fingers on that final roll. Good luck!

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