Crack The Safe

Also known as: Break The Bank, Crack The Safe Hi Lo
Game Type: Luck
Category: HiLo
Stakes: £0.50 - £100
Max Win: £5,000
Crack The Safe Screenshot

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Quick review of Crack The Safe.

In one word: Fun

Crack The Safe is an enjoyable hi-lo game. Despite having limited wagering options, it puts a fun and challenging spin on an exhausted genre of gambling game.

Whilst most hi lo games stick to the basics and offer the same game in a different format, Crack The Safe breaks the mould by adding a unique (albeit small) bonus feature with the option of nudges.

Crack The Safe is much slower than your average HiLo game, but it doesn’t take much away from the overall fun. If you’re after a faster, more traditional HiLo game though, try Hi Lo Gambler.

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Crack The Safe fun rating - 71%.

Crack The Safe is a fun game simply because it’s so different to your bog-standard hi lo offering. It’s also more of a relaxing game as your wins are stored as you progress so that you can’t lose it all, although this does mean that the win amounts are smaller and limited.

If quick, high-tension gambles with the potential for massive wins is your thing, then Crack The Safe isn’t going to be your cup of tea. On the other hand, steady gamblers that are happy to take their time and have fun along the way are going to love what Crack The Safe has to offer.

It’s not going to appeal to everyone, but nonetheless it’s a welcome breath of fresh air in the HiLo games department.

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How to play Crack The Safe.

The basics of Crack The Safe.

  1. Choose higher or lower than the number on the safe’s dial.
  2. Get 5 correct guesses in a row to win a prize. Prizes are at dished out every 5 correct guess milestone.
  3. Use the bonuses along the way to help you.

Crack The Safe is a slow and steady game with progressive wins. Money that is won is not gambled, but instead is stored as winnings until you eventually lose (or win if you get all 40 guesses correct!).

Crack The Safe in more detail.

The game of Crack The Safe revolves around the dial on the front of an old-fashioned safe. The aim is to correctly guess higher or lower 5 consecutive times to win money.

  • The dial on the safe always starts at 9.
  • The numbers on the safe start at 0 and finish at 9.
  • At every 5 correct-guess milestone your win will increase.
  • Money won cannot be lost, it is stored as a win throughout the game.

Crack The Safe bonus dial.

The bonus dial is activated randomly and quite frequently throughout the game. The bonuses available are:

  • Free spin. You cannot lose on your next guess.
  • Nudge. You are given the option to nudge up or down one for the next or any future rounds. Nudges are added together if stored from a previous bonus.
  • Extra life. If you guess incorrectly you can continue playing.
  • 9 out of 9. The dial moves to the number 9 (this is helpful as it’s the highest number on the dial).
Crack The Safe Bonus Dial

Unfortunately the bonus dial tends to light up when you don’t really need it, but it’s still good fun nonetheless.

Crack The Safe Paytable

Crack The Safe paytable.

  • 5 correct guesses = 1x
  • 10 correct guesses = 2x
  • 15 correct guesses = 4x
  • 20 correct guesses = 6x
  • 25 correct guesses = 8x
  • 30 correct guesses = 15x
  • 35 correct guesses = 25x
  • 40 correct guesses = 50x

Crack The Safe is a very slow and steady game. It will take you a while to make a profit, which makes it more of a calculated marathon than a sprint.

You can definitely feel the tension increase as you progress through the upper section of the paytable ladder.

Note: It is important to remember that your winnings are never gambled from one milestone to the next, so you can carry on up the ladder without fear of losing anything.

Play Crack The Safe online at Ladbrokes now